Special projects

This screen was custom made for the seeding machine

Screen for seeding machine



This love seat really benefited from an eye-popping pattern and plumper cushions. It’s now more comfortable and is the first item people will sit on when they enter the room.

This sofa was picked up off of the side of the road by the client. The frame was in great condition, but it needed new support straps and 3 cushions instead of the original 4.

The love seat with the leaf-pattern fabric looked so good that I’ve recommended the fabric to several other clients.

Sofa upholstered with leaf design


Day beds

Day beds are beautiful and unique pieces to repair and upholster. It’s difficult to find such beautiful craftsmanship in a modern furniture store.

This gallery shows the process for breathing new life into some very tired furniture. If you have one of these pieces of furniture in the back of your shed, why not consider making it into a talking piece in your home?


Day bed 1

 Day bed 2

 Day bed 3